bam L'Etoile Violin Case
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A brilliant clip-on tuner, designed specifically for violin and viola.  The OT-4 clips securely over the scroll of the instrument and can tune by microphone or direct vibration.   Also comes with a visual metronome function!
Bernardel Rosin
Our Price: $9.99
Konig & Meyer 118/1 orchestra music stand with genuine walnut wooden desk. Extremely popular rosin for violin and viola. Light amber color. Clear, warm tone with a good bite. Traditional recipe, from live trees.
Evah Pirazzi GOLD strings are powerful and warm with a quick response. Free-standing, concert A tuning fork and resonator box, with striker. Medium sized fork.
Bam Hightech Connection Violin Case
Conveniently sized case accessory.  Monitors humidity and temperature.  Also a fully functional metronome and clock! Leather exterior.  Lightweight and extremely protective.